Sky High (2005)


The son of two legendary superhero parents goes through the growing pains of high school life in a special school for the super-powered.

Sky High is a kids’ film, and as a kids’ film I was never going to be the intended audience but there is enough here to amuse the older generation to stop it from being a complete waste of time. It still has the usual issues of Disneyfied characters going the through the utterly formulaic motions of learning the “true meaning of friendship” and “believing in oneself” and as such you know from the very start exactly how it’s going to play out. For me the fun is in the peripheral characters, namely Mr. Boy, the teacher of “sidekick class” and the amusing social hierarchy attached to it and Coach Boomer, the bully boy gym teacher played by Bruce Campbell.

Sky High is never hilarious, but it raised a smile on enough occasions to make up for the sheer predictability of it all and the embarrassing scenes featuring the super villain.



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