Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)


A young runaway from a slum planet falls in with a gang of thieves who plan to steal a valuable shipment of fuel in order to buy himself a ship and return for the love he was forced to leave behind.

Despite a slightly shaky start, the latest spin off from the Star Wars universe is pretty much exactly what I was expecting; a likeable buddy heist movie with plenty of action, gags and fan-pleasing in-jokes along the way. Alden Ehrenreich is no Harrison Ford but decent enough, although he is routinely overshadowed by a very strong supporting cast; scene-stealing turns by Woody Harrelson as a gun-slinging outlaw and Donald Glover’s debonair gentleman thief being the prime examples. It often feels like “Ocean’s Eleven In Space” rather than a true Star Wars film, but I personally had no problem with that. Slight off-notes were the rather clunky opening, the over-egged action scenes within the maelstrom and the revelation of the shadowy villain of the piece which left me feeling more nonplussed than shocked or surprised, but these are comparatively minor gripes.

As a whole, Solo is an entertaining blend of action and one-liners that has a vibe (not to mention plot) which will be familiar to fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series.



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