Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)


Brad returns to Grover’s Bend two years later but when a batch of Crite eggs hatch and ransack the town, he must once again enlist the help of the extra terrestrial bounty hunters to exterminate them.

It was immediately obvious that Critters was a pure rip-off of Gremlins, but in the sequel the plagiarism is even more shameless; it’s essentially exactly the same plot as the creatures cause chaos throughout the town. As is usually the case in this type of cash-in, the gore and trashiness have been ramped up to the point where bounty hunter Lee transforms into a Playboy Bunny whose clothes promptly fall off. Beyond that Roxanne Kernohan has little to do which is probably some small mercy considering the quality of her “performance”. The visual effects are also shall we say “quaint” and the whole thing feels very amateurish in execution. None of this is actually enough to sink a trashy B-movie if it is approached in the correct way, but Critters 2 has a much more problematic flaw; it’s just not funny.

Silly but charmless and occasionally crass, Critters 2 is a step down from an original that wasn’t great in the first place.



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