Critters (1986)


A gang of ravenous space creatures land in rural Kansas, pursued by a pair of bounty hunters disguised as a pop star and the town’s own soused conspiracy nut.

Critters is a pretty shameless rip off of cult horror-comedy Gremlins which was released two years earlier. It has neither the wit nor the invention of Joe Dante’s film but it is a cheap and cheerful B-movie that’s amusingly dated in a way that’s peculiar to the 1980’s. The usual sight gags, gory deaths and kitsch special effects that you’d expect are all present and correct and there’s little more to it than that, but the performances are likeable, the tone suitably jokey and it’s brief enough to not outstay its welcome.

Trash it may be, but at least it’s mildly amusing trash and it was popular enough in its day to spawn three sequels.



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