Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (1997)


International super-spy, fashion photographer and style guru of the swinging sixties Austin Powers volunteers to be cryogenically frozen and wakes in politically correct 1997 to thwart the plans of his nemesis, Dr. Evil.

This Mike Myers vehicle is a scattershot spoof of the spy films of the 1960’s and pastiche of the early James Bond films. Like many comedies of this type, the jokes are rather hit and miss; some are a little laboured, many rather juvenile, but plenty also genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. Myers is obviously enjoying himself and his infectious sense of the absurd permeates the film but it is Dr. Evil who is the show-stealer; he is one of the great comic creations of recent years and the film is consistently funny whenever he is in the screen.

Austin Powers is no Blazing Saddles, but still one of the best genre parodies out there and  it has stood the test of time well considering the host of imitators it has since spawned.



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