Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998)


When a cocky young poker hustler finds himself in debt with a local gangster he and his friends hatch a plan to steal the loot from a crew of shady criminals who live next door.

Guy Ritchie’s debut was very much a film of its time and as is usually the case with this type of “zeitgeist” movie, it has dated surprisingly quickly. The cheeky cockney dialogue feels very forced and cliched by today’s standards and the film as a whole looks rather cheap and crude. The gleeful irreverence brought to table by Ritchie’s knowingly silly script saves the day however, and the story gets more and more entertaining as it gets less and less plausible.

Definitely not to be taken seriously, it’s a heist movie with its tongue stuck firmly in its cheek that although dated evokes a certain nostalgia for naivete of the 1990’s.



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