Mechanic Resurrection (2016)


Bishop’s happy retirement is interrupted by a shady figure from his past who kidnaps his new sweetheart and demands that he assassinate three near inaccessible targets.

Jason Statham returns as the invincible assassin for hire in this sequel to his typically cheap and cheerful vehicle The Mechanic. The fact that it features some star names in the supporting cast gives the impression that Resurrection may be a more of a heavyweight affair, and Tommy Lee Jones’s near-cameo appearance does add some sparkle to the story. Jessica Alba’s military-trained, Mother Theresa-like hottie (because, y’know, they’re a thing…) is as wooden as always however and Michelle Yeoh’s “character” is little more than a yellowface stereotype. The first half of the film is incredibly clunky in every respect and only when the adequately orchestrated assassinations come into effect does the film really find its feet; but even then, it only comes across as a humourless, budget version of Mission: Impossible. Every aspect of the plot is in fact so implausible that it borders on nonsensical and the violence always seems more thuggish than heroic.

More Seagal than Statham, Mechanic Resurrection is unfortunately less cheap and cheerful than cheap and nasty.



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