Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981)


Damien is now the CEO of the largest multinational corporation in the world but the prophesied second coming of Christ together with a cabal of priests bent on assassination threaten his plans.

The final part of the lacklustre horror franchise features Sam Neill as the son of Satan but any other star names are notably absent. The pedestrian direction adds to the TV movie feel of it all, as does a total lack of spectacle and even the trademark deaths have none of the imagination or menace of the previous films. As for the so-called finale, a cheap Jesus-shaped lighting effect and a couple of Bible quotes is nowhere near enough of a pay off for a three film franchise.

Lacking in thrills, frights or much of interest at all, The Final Conflict is a poor closing chapter to a weak franchise which is best avoided – even by fans of the original film.



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