Damien: Omen II (1978)


Seven years have past as Damien approaches his thirteenth birthday and the dark forces around him seek to teach him of his true nature.

The sequel to The Omen opens well and features effects and a sense of scale that were sorely missing from the first film. Things soon settle into familiar territory however as it essentially rehashes exactly the same plot; a variety of desperate supporting characters take turns in trying to warn the surrogate father of The Beast, each meeting a suitably sticky end. It does so with rather more style however, with a pubescent anti-Christ coming to terms with his burgeoning powers making for a more interesting focal point, a plot that goes some way to address the amorality of the contemporary corporate culture and William Holden as a more charismatic hero. For these reasons, Damien is that rarest of beasts in that it is a sequel that actually surpasses the original; but in this particular case, that isn’t saying much.

Watchable enough if you like your horror religious and hokey.



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