City Of Industry (1997)


After a successful jewellery store heist a member of the crew double crosses his partners, leaving the sole survivor seeking vengeance and the loot alone in a unfamiliar city.

Very much part of the post-Tarantino slew of bandwagon jumpers of the 1990’s, City Of Industry features some familiar faces from the post modern crime canon. The plot is basically a rehash of Noir-inspired hard boiled thriller Point Blank and gives Harvey Keitel plenty of room to show off his tough guy persona while Stephen Dorff makes for an amusingly psychotic villain. The rest of the cast never really get the room to shine as it is a very one man show and some rather static direction from John Irvin lacks the kind of visual flair and imagination brought to the screen by the likes of Tarantino and Rodriguez.

As a result, City Of Industry feels rather workmanlike compared to the best examples of the genre but watching Keitel on the warpath is never going to be a complete waste of time.



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