Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)


The IMF team are broken up by the C.I.A. leaving Ethan Hunt hunted and alone in his quest to uncover an organisation of ex-secret agents intent on disrupting the world’s established order.

The latest instalment in the popular franchise attempts to out-Bond Bond as the super-spies pit their wits against a dark reflection of the IMF known only as SPEC…I mean, The Syndicate. The first half of the film does suffer somewhat by separating the team, leaving Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames on the sidelines but this does give Rebecca Ferguson room to strut her stuff as a kind of She-than Hunt and she exhibits the perfect balance of sex appeal and sass. The story has a very similar formula to the previous film and as such does not feel quite as fresh, but there is plenty of well engineered action – the motorcycle chase through the streets of Casablanca is probably the highlight – and the chemistry between the leads works well. Rogue Nation is not quite as intelligent or edgy as the recent Bond films, but its more lighthearted approach makes it a little more fun.

It is a rather generic but well executed slice of comic strip espionage that will not disappoint fans of the series.



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