Typhoon (2006)


A young boy who sees his family murdered by North Korean troops after being betrayed by the South Korean government during an attempted defection grows up to become a mercenary bent on revenge.

Typhoon is Korea’s stab at a Bourne-style globe-trotting action espionage movie. It features a lone special forces officer with a “license to kill” in pursuit of a gang of organised criminals who hijack a cargo ship to procure a detonation device for a dirty bomb, and the prerequisite race against time inevitably ensues. The plot is very similar to the likes of Under Siege and Broken Arrow and its lacklustre action sequences and generic, episodic plot reminded me very much of this kind of second rate Hollywood action movie of  the 1990’s. It’s also clearly trying to do a “John Woo’s The Killer”-style relationship between the two leads which falls completely flat as it is never explored and feels totally unconvincing.

The final act is reasonably well staged and Dong-kun Jang is always watchable as the villain, but the hero of the piece is charismatic as cardboard, the syrup is cloying in places and the ending absolutely feeble.



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