Woochi The Demon Slayer (2009)


A self-aggrandising and hedonistic Taoist monk uses his powers of magic and illusion when transported to the modern day while pursuing the demons responsible for the death of his exasperated master.

Woochi is an irreverent martial arts movie very much in the vein of cult TV show Monkey; the formula of slapstick humour and chop socky action will be very familiar to fans, as will be the inclusion of animal spirits and demons to fight. Dong-won Gang makes for a very likeable hero and the entire film relies a little too much on his cheeky charm. Despite some nice moments and reasonably well handled action sequences, the plot is a bit of a mess that becomes very hard to follow in places; more for its incoherence than its complexity.

The fact that it doesn’t take itself remotely seriously helps a lot, there are some genuinely funny moments and the leads display some chemistry,  but as a whole it feels far too much like hard work.



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