Room (2015)


A young woman who has been held prisoner by a sexual predator for the last seven years spends all of her time locked in a single room with her 5 year old son.

Room is has highly unusual approach to the subject matter of kidnap; instead of concentrating on the criminal aspect, it looks to the victims and how they must adapt and adjust to their circumstances. The story is told from the perspective of the young boy and his mother, who is – quite literally – his entire world. In fact for the first half of the film, their lives can be seen as the ultimate example of an abusive relationship; Joy endures her imprisonment and abuse for the sake of her child, never able to escape this impoverished and smothering existence. Something that many mothers can relate to, I’m sure. Rather than having a “clever” twist or heavy-handed message, Room concentrates on the characters and the themes of the incorrigible ability for human beings to adapt and survive, the imagination of childhood and the rarely spoken of pressures of motherhood. The story is off beat yet strangely emotionally affecting and the award winning central performance by Brie Larson is perfectly complimented by a very convincing young Jacob Tremblay.

A technically accomplished and highly unusual piece of film making.



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