Season Of The Witch (2011)


Two crusaders are pressured into becoming escorts for a suspected witch who is being transported to a monastery for trial.

Season Of The Witch is a blatant attempt to jump on the Game Of Thrones swords and sorcery bandwagon, but whereas the successful TV show has a wealth of interesting characters, clever plotting and smart, witty dialogue, this film has none of those things. True, Claire Foy is decent as the Middle Ages’ answer to Linda Blair. there are some attractive locations and scenery and Ron Perlman is always fun to watch. But the cod Olde Worlde dialogue – drawled in American accents – is clumsy and puerile, the plot cliche after episodic cliche and the combination of unsophisticated cinematography and poor CGI makes it all look rather cheap and nasty.

Thanks only to its brevity Season Of The Witch is just about palatable, but it’s one of those films where at the close I couldn’t help wondering how such a woeful script had actually made it into production in the first place.



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