I, Frankenstein (2014)



Frankenstein’s experiment in reviving the dead survives to the modern day and becomes caught up in a war between vampiric demons and angelic gargoyles.

I think it would be fair to say that you will be able to tell whether you could enjoy this film based entirely upon your ability to swallow such an utterly absurd and idiotic plot! I, Frankenstein is very much in the Underworld/Van Helsing vein of prettified monsters bashing the bejesus out of each other using a variety of pointy objects in the middle of a computer generated firework display. Aaron Eckhart stalks through the film at various stages of cheesed off, Bill Nighy slums it as a demon prince by way of Grace Bros. and none of the other characters really get a chance to distract from the CGI cacophony that is going on around them.

It’s thankfully short and – some of the more cringeworthy dialogue aside – unpretentious, but typical of the humourless, dumb, teen-orientated blockbuster that has come to populate our cinema screens of late.



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