24: Redemption (2008)


Jack Bauer has retired to Africa where he is helping an old comrade run an orphanage, but a military coup threatens his new life.

Redemption bridges seasons 6 and 7 of the popular TV series, although I must admit, I never made it past season 3 because I found it an increasingly absurd and contrived load of simplistic, right wing nonsense. In this special stand alone story, a lone American with lots of guns is the only hope against evil as the UN is represented by a snivelling weasel who wets his pants at the first sign of trouble and the rule of law is nothing but a bunch of pencil-pushing bureaucrats who would have you fill a form out in triplicate before pissing on a doe-eyed orphan if they were on fire. So, more of the same then.

As ever, this instalment is executed efficiently enough – although it does have that “made for TV” quality – and if you try not to think too hard about the dubious politics of it all, it is a reasonably entertaining diversion. But guilty as it is of all of the excesses of the TV show, it certainly won’t win over anyone who isn’t already a fan.



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