Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


A patriotic young man considered too sickly and puny to fight in World War II is transformed into a super soldier by a special serum.

Previous attempts to bring Captain America to the silver screen were astonishingly bad, so this reinvention had a very low bar to clear. This it manages to do thanks to an above par cast and the requisite computer-assisted action sequences; but somehow, this version felt a little too joyless and stodgy to me. Tommy Lee Jones’ gruff superior officer raises a couple of smiles, but as a whole there’s a real lack of a sense of fun about this film; Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull had potential but he didn’t feature in the story enough and was little more than a bog-standard megalomaniac with a bad complexion. Chris Evans’ po-faced do-gooder is also nowhere near as enjoyable to watch as  Robert Downey Jr.’s boozy playboy or Hugh Jackman’s grizzled, bad-tempered cynic.

Captain America is an efficient blockbuster but just doesn’t have the character or flair that makes for a truly great superhero film.


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