Zombieland (2009)


A repressed computer geek teams up with a gun-toting redneck and a pair of con artists to escape the horde of zombies that now populate the country.

Zombieland feels all the world like one of those American remakes of a successful British project, namely Shaun Of The Dead. A team of US marketing “experts” took the idea and threw out any references to British indie music and replaced it with Willie Nelson and screaming metal guitar solos, threw out the slackers and replaced them with the ubiquitous comedy trailer trash and neurotic nerd stereotypes, and threw out the old school shambling zombies and replaced them with the gore-riddled, hyperactive speed freaks that have unfortunately come to replace them. The result is My Name Is Earl with the undead and it’s a bit like Zack Snyder’s make over of Dawn Of The Dead with jokes. It’s certainly well made and has some nice moments, but I’m getting a little tired of the Jesse Eisenberg nerd character – who is identical in everything in which he appears – and it’s so very predictable from beginning to end.

Not a bad little diversion, but I felt the same way about the film as a whole as I did about the infamous Bill Murray cameo. Namely, is this really what all the fuss has been about…?



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