Zodiac (2007)


Telling the story of a serial killer who terrorised the San Francisco bay area in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the narrative switches between the frustrated detectives that seem to hit a dead end every time they uncover a promising suspect and the obsessive compulsive journalist who cannot allow the murders to remain unsolved.

Zodiac looks fantastic, David Fincher bringing his trademark brooding atmosphere to a frighteningly cold-blooded series of crimes – although for me the most disturbing murder scene actually took place in broad daylight – and the top notch cast all deliver. Those who like their stories to be tied up at the end in a nice big bow may not appreciate the open ended conclusion however, but it is based on a true story which leaves little room for creative interpretation. This project is perhaps lacking the character of Fincher’s best, as the film suffers greatly once Robert Downey Jr. disappears from the screen as he brought some much needed colour to the story.

Very much like All The President’s Men, it’s a very well made but ultimately rather dry and over long affair that’s fascinating on first viewing but offers little in the way of re-watch value.



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