The X-Files: I Want To Believe (2008)


The FBI bury the hatchet with Mulder when they need his help investigating the kidnap of a federal agent.

Being a bit of a long term X-phile I was quite looking forward to catching up with my favourite paranormal investigators once again, especially since they decided to dispense with the frustratingly over convoluted alien abduction story line. I have to admit to a slight tingle when I heard that theme tune again and smiled at the sly references to the show when Scully and Mulder appear on the screen together again for the first time. All the best episodes of the show were usually the off-beat stand alone episodes that were done with witty irony and a sense of humour, but the plot to I Want To Believe unfortunately goes down the overly familiar serial killer road and aside from the macabre reason for the killers actions, it didn’t really feel like an X-File at all. But by far the worst decision made was to separate the pair, with Mulder acting alone while Scully is sidelined in a tedious and irrelevant subplot as she once again goes through one of her periodic crises of faith. The fact that they are now involved also removes the sexual tension and amusing love-hate bickering which was always the real reason why the show worked so well, being as it is replaced with a dull domestic soap opera.

It’s well shot and the pair are still appealing but the plot is so very generic I couldn’t help being rather disappointed; in the final analysis it’s just another serial killer movie.



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