The Wrong Arm Of The Law (1962)


A criminal syndicate joins forces with the police to foil a gang impersonating police officers in this nostalgic British caper comedy that has an idea of cops and robbers you would not see outside of The Beano these days.

Peter Sellers does his usual lovable rogue, up against Lionel Jeffries’ usual self-important buffoon in a world where crime syndicates are like a union of old lags, who share a gentleman’s agreement with the police and happily sit down to discuss shop with them over a nice cup of tea and a couple of angel cakes. In fact the reason I found this film amusing was not so much the jokes, but the way the “villains” would happily go quietly with unarmed bobbies, just because they tapped them on the shoulder and said “‘Allo ‘allo ‘allo, you’re nicked!”; The Shield, it ain’t.

Never more than mildly amusing, but a pleasant enough trip down memory lane to a past that probably never existed in the first place.




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