The Wrestler (2008)


20 years after his heyday, Randy “The Ram” is still trying to nurse his broken body through the independent wrestling circuit when he suffers a heart attack that threatens his career.

I approached this film with a certain trepidation because I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in wrestling, or sports movies in general for that matter.The plot is very much in the same vein as one of the millionplus corny true life TV movies out there, but I must admit this film did win me over, basically for Mickey Rourke’s incredibly honest performance for which he obviously drew on his own experiences as a professional boxer. It is the anti-sports movie, where instead of a small town guy making good, it is the story of a man who begins at the top and slowly descends into obscurity. It’s a film about the effects of age as his own failing body and mind gradually strips him of everything that made him feel special and worthy.

For this reason I think younger audiences may find it difficult to relate to the character, but Rourke is quite brilliant and if you like your 1980’s cock rock, you’ll be in hair metal heaven.



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