The World’s End (2013)


A middle-aged loser determined to recreate his glory days talks his childhood friends into finishing a pub crawl they started in their youth, only to find the town has been taken over by alien replicants.

As you can probably tell from the synopsis, the third part of the big screen Spaced trilogy is Shaun Of The Body Snatchers. It centres once more on the camaraderie between ageing nerds and contains plenty of the same blend of very British humour and geeky movie references that you’d expect and as such will not disappoint fans of the previous two films. Its biggest handicap is the fact that the terminally self-involved central character of Gary King is easily the least likeable of the three and that it’s all starting to feel very familiar. The disappointingly humourless sub-Matrix action sequences and special effects seem to exist for the sake of creating trailers that will tempt Michael Bay fans into the multiplexes and the post-apocalyptic epilogue felt unsatisfyingly tacked-on.

It’s neither as joke-heavy as Shaun Of The Dead nor as witty as Hot Fuzz, but thanks to plenty of the kind of humour we know and love from the team and an extremely strong supporting cast, taken as part of a Nerd With No Name trilogy it’s a welcome if slightly anti-climactic addition to a much loved series.



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