World War Z (2013)


An outbreak of a virus that transforms human beings into vicious killers sweeps across the globe while a disaster zone investigator tries to trace its source in the hope of creating a vaccine.

The first question is an obvious one and no – disappointingly – they’re not “proper zombies”. But of all the “fast zombie” genre, World War Z actually works by far the best. Seeing a tidal wave of rabid humanity with no sense of self-preservation hurl itself at crumbling civilisation makes for some extremely tense, visceral and exciting set pieces and the realisation of a world in dramatic crisis is extremely well done. Plot-wise things are not so strong; the story is little more than a series of breadcrumbs leading across the world as Brad Pitt follows clues to a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion, but I must admit that the journey had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

If you expect a sci-fi epic full of grandiose themes and twists and turns you will be disappointed, but seen as a disaster movie in its purest sense World War Z works well.



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