The Woman In Black (2012)


A single parent still grieving the loss of his wife is sent to a country mansion supposedly haunted by a woman who causes the local children to commit suicide.

Daniel Radcliffe’s first foray into a world beyond Hogwart’s is a Gothic ghost story in the tradition of Hammer Horror which takes the now familiar ingredients of J Horror and transposes them to Victorian England. Radcliffe actually makes the transition quite well and the spectre of Potter is soon forgotten as he gives a suitably haunted performance within some nicely atmospheric locations. The biggest problem is that the usual gimmicks of unseen faces at windows, midnight exhumations and occupant-free rocking chairs have been seen so often before; it all seems so familiar that there are no surprises at all for such a jaded cinema goer as I. Particularly considering the pseudo happy ending that seemed completely lacking in any satisfying resolution to the story.

I’m sure it provides enough shocks and frights for those of an age who have grown up with young Daniel however and it’s well made enough to be considered as a reasonable diversion to fans of a good old fashioned ghost story.



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