Wolf Creek (2005)


Three young tourists travelling in the vast expanse of The Outback accept a lift from a friendly frontiersman, but he soon reveals himself to be a sadistic predator.

Horror films for the most part are like theme park rides; they provide a few cheap thrills and shocks and when they are over, it’s back to normality; there are no monsters, zombies or vampires in real life. The most disturbing thing about Wolf Creek is that there are people like Mick Taylor in the world; men who see other human beings as animals to be preyed upon and who can cheerfully torture and kill them without conscience. There is a palpable edginess as soon as he appears on the screen and the real kick in the gut is in how believable the story is; the victims seem like genuine people rather than the usual Hollywood rent-a-bimbos and the violence is all the more gruesome because it is not presented in a sensationalist or exploitative way. In fact, Quentin Tarantino himself described it as “the scariest film I’ve ever seen”.

The Hitcher for grown ups.



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