The Wolfman (2010)


An American actor returns to his ancestral home to investigate the death of his brother, to be confronted by a murderous supernatural creature.

I’m thankful to The Wolfman for avoiding the temptation to transpose the story to modern day America, but for all its Gothic intentions it’s still just another CGI infested blockbuster that is far more interested in superhero style set pieces and gore than atmosphere and suspense. Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins are both superb actors but both weigh in with easily their worst performances in a “serious” film I’ve ever seen – during their final confrontation I couldn’t help but think of Teen Wolf – and the comic strip approach just doesn’t work in the context of such a po-faced interpretation of the material. On the plus side, the transformation scenes were reasonably well done and Art Malik’s Sikh warrior was fun, but he but didn’t garner anything like enough screen time and the inevitable beauty and the beast ending was very weak.

It’s not unwatchable however and passes a couple of hours inoffensively enough, but in such an overcrowded genre as the werewolf movie, this needed to be a whole lot better.



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