Pusher 2: With Blood On My Hands (2006)


Pusher 2 continues the story of seedy urban crime in Copenhagen with Frank’s best friend Tonny who is released from jail with no idea what to do with his life after finding himself to be a father.

Tonny is like a poor white trash version of Fredo Corleone; the weak link in the criminal chain. He brags about his sexual prowess and plays with nunchucks while watching porn, but is in fact a rather pathetic, aimless figure who has been made impotent by his incorrigible coke habit. It has the same feel of the original film in its brutal realism, documentary style and lack of humour, but the central figure is realised rather more completely and although he is emotionally stunted and incapable of taking control of his own life, you do have some small amount of sympathy for him when you see the family and environment he has had to grow up with.

The supporting characters also provide more drama and insight into his life and most importantly, it has a satisfying conclusion which makes for a more complete package than the first film.


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