War Of The Dead (2012)


A squad of Finnish soldiers aided by an American Special Forces unit discover a Nazi bunker containing an experiment designed to reanimate the dead.

The WWII zombie film has been attempted a few times now and this Finnish backed project adds little to the sub genre. Frustratingly, once again the “zombies” are not of the classic Romero type, but the hyperactive gymnast variety and so come across more as dim-witted vampires than shambling, undead corpses. The weak halfhearted dialogue and characterisation also do little to add to the mix leaving War Of The Dead a largely plotless exercise in extras dressed in army surplus leaping out at the cast in darkened woods and corridors. The production value actually isn’t too bad for such an obviously low budget film but the acting is suspect and the director resorts to meaningless slow motion at every opportunity instead of injecting any kind of drama or suspense.

The likes of Dod Sno, Outpost and R-Point have covered this ground before and this film can’t even match their level of mediocrity.


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