War, Inc. (2008)


In the near future corporations rule the world rather than nation states and disputes are settled by a heavily armed “arbitrator” played by John Cusack.

The combination of black comedy and extreme violence and the presence of the Cusacks and Dan Aykroyd will be familiar to anyone who has seen Grosse Pointe Blank. It’s essentially a political satire, Turekistan being an obvious analogy for the events in the middle east; a kind of “Thank You For Smoking Guns”. As political satire it has all the subtlety of a scud launcher, some of the physical comedy bordering on Zucker/Abrams territory, but it also has enough smart, witty and well observed dialogue to offend “patriots” everywhere and no doubt get everyone involved on the NSA’s shit list. The leads are all excellent, John Cusack and Marisa Tomai making a smart and sexy couple, Joan Cusack is a lot of fun as his company sidekick and Dan Aykroyd once again supplies a memorable cameo.

I couldn’t help thinking it could’ve been rather better if they’d shown a little more restraint it’s nice to see an American comedy that’s both intelligent and has something to say and the hit and miss comedy is on target more often than off.



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