Wanted (2008)


A downtrodden working stiff who wishes he had more from life discovers one day that he is a super-powered assassin who can bend the laws of physics.

Hmmm…I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this somewhere before. Not to mention the “phew it was only a dream…oh wait, no it wasn’t!” scene and the beautiful stranger who becomes his personal Yoda. In fact the entire plot is utterly ludicrous and the majority of the film is basically the Rocky montage done in the style of The Matrix while James McAvoy whines and howls to the point of distraction. There are some slickly directed set pieces and it does have its moments, but they’re all just on a very superficial, eye-boggling level.

In its favour Wanted never gets dull and I actually enjoyed it first time around, but if you scrape the surface there’s nothing more than a half-baked Fight Club rip off with a gun fetish.



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