Very Bad Things (1998)


Christian Slater stars as a kind of yuppie big brother to his sociopathic character in Heathers in a film that tries terribly hard to be a “cult” black comedy.

It shares some similarities with Shallow Grave, but where that film concerned a group of friends who find a dead body and dispose of it for money leading to their psychological breakdown out of guilt for what they did, this film seems to think that brutal murder for self-serving convenience is all a bit of a laugh. Every one of the characters are thoroughly unlikeable, from Cameron Diaz’s clingy and manipulative shrew to the bachelor party’s collection of whining, hysterical misogynists.

I can’t say that the film is badly made as it’s decently directed and the cast do their best with the material they’re saddled with, but Very Bad Things is tasteless, morally dubious and misjudged on every level.



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