Versus (2002)


A group of gangsters and and their kidnap victim join a pair of escaped convicts in the woods to await their boss’ instructions, little knowing that he’s an unkillable demon who can re-animate the corpses of their dead victims.

Well if that synopsis sounds ridiculous, it actually gets rather sillier than that. This is the kind of film where if it were done straight-faced, it probably would’ve been a disaste; fortunately Versus has just the kind of tongue in cheek humour to make it pretty good fun. It has a similar mix of gore and laughs that the likes of A Chinese Ghost Story contains and as a result comes across as a kind of Asian martial arts version of Evil Dead 2 or Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste. Like those films, the budget was obviously tight so you can spot some wires and there are a couple of ropy effects, but that’s all part of the fun.

Laughing with it or at it, it’s an amusing bag of Manga-style lunacy and frenetic action that’s basically just an excuse for constant fist fights, gun battles and samurai swords splattered with a liberal dose of gore. Unpretentious crowd-pleasing nonsense.


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