Vantage Point (2008)


A terrorist plot to assassinate the President of the U.S. of A. is witnessed from differing viewpoints in the crowd, the investigation of which unravels an underlying conspiracy.

The central conceit of Vantage Point of portraying the same events from different viewpoints is now a very familiar one – Akira Kurosawa did it over half a century ago- and the first half of the film did feel like being trapped in Groundhog Day, but once it settles down it turns into a fairly serviceable action thriller. The above par cast certainly help, although the bad guys may as well have been wearing black stetsons making the “twist” deeply unsurprising, but some nicely executed set pieces – particularly a thrilling car chase very much in the spirit of the Bourne films – ensure that remains fairly entertaining. It is unfortunately marred by the inevitable Hollywood gloss including a contrived, schmaltzy ending and the involvement of the little girl just reminded me of the dog in Independence Day.

Vantage Point is basically like a season of 24 without the soap and padding, condensed into a two hour story and there’s no particular shame in that.



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