Unknown (2011)


A scientist visiting Berlin is involved in a road accident leaving him in a coma, but when he awakens he finds that another man has taken his place and even his wife seems not to know him.

Those expecting Taken 2 will be rather disappointed by Unknown, as instead of the indestructible hard ass Neeson of that film he’s the hapless victim of a seemingly elaborate conspiracy to rob him of his identity; although he’s as believable in this role as he was as the O’Terminator before it. The script has a certain element of the video game plot, but it’s done with efficiency and is essentially the Bourne Identity if Jason didn’t have super powers. It reminded me of the Roman¬†Polanski pot boiler Frantic with a Schwarzenegger twist and it involves all the usual ingredients of this kind of thing down to the obligatory rave scene.

It’s one of those films that without the star turn at the centre could’ve been extremely forgettable, but thanks to Liam Neeson it maintains the interest as a reasonably entertaining little conspiracy thriller.



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