Unbreakable (2000)


An obsessive comic book store owner is convinced that the sole survivor of a train wreck has special powers meant for a greater purpose.

M. Night Shyamalan has long since exasperated me with his endless insistence on relying on feeble plot twists to hang his entire films upon, but Unbreakable, like The Sixth Sense before it, reminded me just why he was such an exciting prospect at the time. It has an intriguing concept exploring the idea that super powers may in fact be real, making for a low key but cerebral superhero film that is still quite unusual to this day. It has his keen eye for attractive visuals and subtle, nicely judged direction which aided by some fine performances makes for an intelligent and rather unique film. For the finale, his penchant for the plot twist once again raises its head and the final “revelation” is in fact a plot development that could’ve been really interesting; but instead of running with it, he just throws it out there and the film ends. Which is a shame because up until this point, it’s actually quality entertainment which is rather ruined by such an anti-climactic and unsatisfying conclusion.

Still definitely worth the time however, but it left me thinking how good it could have been rather than is.



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