Ultraviolet (2006)


Civil war looms between humans and a genetically mutated vampire-like subspecies.

Ultraviolet is one of those films where you look at the stills and just don’t believe it could be as bad as it’s reputation suggests; and it does look glorious. In stills. I’ve described films as plotless in the past, but in this case that’s actually an understatement. All there is to this film is plastic people cartwheeling through a video game, loosely linked by some techno-gibberish. Even the action is so sterile and affected that it makes The Matrix look like Raging Bull and it’s so without context that there is no suspense, no drama and therefore no excitement generated at all.

I very much enjoyed Kurt Wimmer’s previous film Equilibrium, but Ultraviolet is just a visually appealing but otherwise tiresome mess.



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