Twenty Four Seven (1997)


Twenty Four Seven is a gritty urban tale from Shane Meadows and tells the story of Darcy, a man trying to organise a small inner city boxing club to teach the local lads self respect and keep them out of trouble.

This being a Shane Meadows film, you know this is not going to be one of those stereotypical formulaic feelgood sports movies that seem to plague modern cinema. In fact as I watched the camaraderie and respect grow between the lads, I was just waiting for the ACME anvil to land on my head; and so it did, but not in the painfully depressing way one might expect. Although Meadows thankfully sidestepped the usual cliches and brought an element of grim reality into play, it still manages to end on a comparatively positive note without resorting to the usual sentimental slop. Bob Hoskins is as good as always as the small man trying to make a difference in his small corner of the world, and it’s nicely shot in atmospheric documentary style black and white.

Another worthy and well made portrait of modern Britain from its finest exponent.


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