True Lies (1994)


Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a government super spy posing as a computer salesman whose secret identity is unknown even to his wife and family.

James Cameron’s spoof of Hollywood action blockbusters has all the ingredients of the summer hit; humour, romance and big budget special effects, all served with a healthy dose of irony. Arnold will never win any prizes for his thespian skills, but he is perfectly comfortable in the familiar surroundings of stereotypical terrorists, uzis, explosions and cheesy one-liners, with Art Malik slumming it as the usual Islamic lunatic and an almost unrecognisable Eliza Dushku is the rebellious teen daughter. I must admit that the sight of Jamie Lee Curtis being “sexy” made me slightly queasy and the film drags in the middle because of a flabby subplot involving a potential rival for Arnie’s affections. James Cameron is a master of the action set piece however, the opening sequence out-Bonding the contemporary 007 films and the set piece involving Harrier Jump Jets is spectacular.

The jokes could’ve been a little funnier but it’s a nice idea efficiently executed making for some solid mainstream entertainment. No more, no less.



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