Tron: Legacy (2010)


After the events of the original Tron, Kevin Flynn disappears and his rebellious son enters the virtual world two decades later to find his father.

The original Tron was a visually groundbreaking film with an fun messianistic plot revolving around a population of personified “programs”. Tron Legacy is more an update than a sequel and visually at least, they’ve taken the idea and ran with it to glorious effect. They’ve essentially Matrixified the digital world which gave the director room for some visually eye-boggling set pieces including the familiar light cycles, disc duels and now light fighter jets. It takes a lot of cues from old school sci-fi, including 2001, Star Wars and even Flash Gordon and at one point even directly quotes kid’s classic War Games. The plot is a little workman-like and much of the dialogue functional at best, but the audio visual overdrive certainly maintains the attention. Although Garrett Hedlund is a bit of a personality vacuum, Olivia Wilde makes a sassy sidekick and Jeff Bridge’s’ Flynn is an amusing combination of Neo and The Dude.

It’s a shame that Tron himself didn’t get more of a look in as his character was relegated to a kind of digital Darth Maul but otherwise it was a fun bit of cheesy, undemanding sci-fi.



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