Tremors (1990)


A backwater town is stalked by giant underground creatures intent on gobbling up its inhabitants.

Ron Underwood’s affectionate homage to – and parody of – the Hollywood creature feature was a big enough hit to warrant a trio of straight to DVD sequels, mainly because of it’s lighthearted approach and cast of hugely likeable characters. There’s a lot of comedy in this feast of human flesh, particularly in the bickering of the two red neck heroes Val and Earl played with real chemistry by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward and the survivalist couple who provide the absurdly over the top firepower they need. It wastes no time making excuses for the monsters’ existence or soapy characterisation, instead concentrating on lighthearted thrills and spills and it’s paced perfectly using some animatronic effects that have stood the test of time pretty well.

Hardly weighty, intellectually stimulating stuff, but it’s a lot of fun and lot better than the higher profile but wholly inferior Arachnophobia.



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