Too Big To Fail (2011)


Too Big To Fail is a dramatisation of the 2008 banking crisis that attempts to explain the situation in terms the layman can understand.

In this it is successful, thanks to smart scripting and an excellent cast and any right-minded person cannot help but be infuriated as to how it all arose; the story is essentially that of a group of entitled, rich men in suits who gambled away the entire economy for the sake of their own quick and easy profit, enabled by a complicit establishment who were either too weak or self-serving to say no to them. The film is careful not to implicate any government officials, but clever use of actual news footage makes it obvious how the situation was allowed to come to pass through “deregulation” and it is impossible not to see how the revolving door policy between government and Wall Street is both a huge conflict of interest and stinks to high heaven.

The entire film takes place in the form of conversations in boardrooms and offices and as such comes across as a particularly dry, humourless episode of The West Wing, but it’s essential viewing if you have any interest in politics or economics. Quality edutainment.



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