The Town (2010)


A crew of professional thieves are threatened by the FBI agent pursuing them when he realises that the gang’s mastermind has engaged in a relationship with a potential witness.

I was extremely impressed with Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone and was looking forward to this one immensely. This may have coloured my viewpoint slightly, but I found it a little bit of a let down. It’s not that The Town is in any way bad; on the contrary, it’s an extremely well engineered heist movie with a full compliment of solid performances, well written characters and dialogue. It’s just missing that spark of originality and inspiration that made his previous film something special. It clearly takes a lot of cues from Heat, but the rather generic plot means it is a rather less layered and complex affair.

It’s still easily one of the best examples of the genre since Michael Mann’s film was released and is well worth seeing; I was just hoping for a little more.



3 thoughts on “The Town (2010)

  1. Absolutely agree, this film was incredible. Very well executed and brilliant acting. Nice review, do you ever feature your writing with any other sites?


    1. I used to belong to Flixster which was brilliant when it was a proper “social media for film lovers” site, but now it’s just a glorified phone app unfortunately. Apparently Warner Brothers bought it and gutted it so they could turn it into an advertising revenue stream.


      1. Oh interesting, I hadn’t heard of Flixster before. Well, if you’d be interested in featuring somewhere a little more along the lines of what that used to be (from the sounds of it) you could always feature with us at – if you’d be interested, just shoot me an email here –


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