The Town (2010)


A crew of professional thieves are threatened by the FBI agent pursuing them when he realises that the gang’s mastermind has engaged in a relationship with a potential witness.

I was extremely impressed with Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone and was looking forward to this one immensely. This may have coloured my viewpoint slightly, but I found it a little bit of a let down. It’s not that The Town is in any way bad; on the contrary, it’s an extremely well engineered heist movie with a full compliment of solid performances, well written characters and dialogue. It’s just missing that spark of originality and inspiration that made his previous film something special. It clearly takes a lot of cues from Heat, but the rather generic plot means it is a rather less layered and complex affair.

It’s still easily one of the best examples of the genre since Michael Mann’s film was released and is well worth seeing; I was just hoping for a little more.



3 thoughts on “The Town (2010)

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      1. Oh interesting, I hadn’t heard of Flixster before. Well, if you’d be interested in featuring somewhere a little more along the lines of what that used to be (from the sounds of it) you could always feature with us at – if you’d be interested, just shoot me an email here –


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