To Have And Have Not (1945)


Cynical fishing boat captain Humphrey Bogart finds a cause worth fighting for when he becomes embroiled in the affairs of the free French in Martinique during World War 2.

This film shares a lot of similarities with the superior Casablanca, but it is a much more lively affair featuring as it does machine gun battles, plenty of local colour and Bogart’s trademark two-fisted tough guy when dealing with the corrupt Vichy stooges. Walter Brennan also sheds his stetson to play Bogart’s rummy sidekick and provides the comic relief, but the plot is almost superfluous; this film is all about Bogart and Bacall whose onscreen chemistry positively crackles. The dialogue and interplay between them is superb and Bacall is at her most appealing; she is the very definition of sultry.

One of the great on – and off – screen romances.



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