Gone In 60 Seconds (1974)


An insurance investigator doubling as a car thief takes a contract to deliver 48 stolen cars in a few days, but one in particular proves more trouble to obtain than he realised.

The original tire-screeching, fender-bending action movie to the Nicolas Cage vehicle released 26 years later is most famous for a car chase that lasts a full 40 minutes. No doubt this well staged and realistic sequence looks fantastic when edited down into a movie trailer, but without any characters worth caring about or any plot upon which to hang it, it just seems interminable. The acting is appalling, dialogue clunky and uninteresting and the direction shockingly clumsy and unsophisticated. Top Gear enthusiasts may find some enjoyment in drooling over a parade of classic American automobiles, but otherwise Gone In 60 Seconds provides little more than some impressive stunt driving.

The remake was dimwitted but at least it was slick and mildly entertaining; this original is amateurish and just plain dull.



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