Timecrimes (2008)


A middle aged man becomes the unwitting victim of an experiment in time travel and in his desperation to recreate events and return to his life, things seem to increasingly spiral out of his control.

Timecrimes is one of those cause and effect paradox stories that science fiction writers are so fond of and reminded me of The Butterfly Effect crossed with Back To The Future 2. Like Twelve Monkeys, it obviously owes a debt to La Jetee but as it concerns itself with the same four characters over the same 90 minute period, it seems far more like small potatoes than Terry Gilliam’s film. The premise is simple, having a familiar Twilight Zone feel about it and because of this, once you twig the big twist – it doesn’t take long – you know exactly where it’s going to go. It is an interesting and initially intriguing film, but the low budget production quality and gratuitous female nudity gives it a slightly seedy edge that reminded me of a trashy slasher flick.

Not a bad little mind-bending sci-fi/horror hybrid however, and worth a look if like this type of thing.



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