Tigerland (2000)


Colin Farrell plays an army recruit in basic training for a tour in Vietnam, all the while bucking the system and looking for a way out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Joel Schumacher is a hack. In Tigerland he once again displays his usual M.O. of regurgitating the ideas of others in a rather more bland and insipid way. In this case he obviously saw Saving Private Ryan and set about copying it’s pseudo-documentary style, except instead of creating a gritty war story, he just rips off every boot camp film in existence from Full Metal Jacket to An Officer And A Gentleman. Cue abusive stereotypical Sergeants bellowing a stream of obscenities and cliched threats at the usual collection of stereotypical new recruits; insubordinate wise-ass, dumb hillbilly, psycho and college boy who misguidedly volunteered, all are present and correct.

Tigerland is in no way a terrible film, but it’s all just so uninspired and lacking in imagination. A pointless film that doesn’t bring one single new idea to the genre.



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