The Tiger Blade (2005)


A renegade cop armed with a mystical blade hunts down an escaped terrorist who is aided by a gang of criminals with powers of invulnerability.

Tiger Blade’s mix of the supernatural and tough guy cop antics reminded me very much of a video game cut scene, and this is in no way helped by the fact that the format of the film is little more than a series of “boss fights” strung together with weak humour and rampant sexism. The female characters seem to exist only to provide jokes about their virginity or get raped, and one scene that involves a group of scantily clad girls preparing his dinner to pop music has got to be seen to be believed. There’s the inevitable traitor in their midst – in fact by the end, pretty much everyone has betrayed everyone else – and the entire plot is probably what a 14 year old Michael Bay might have come up with after an early John Woo marathon.

It has a couple of decent action scenes and the villains are actually a lot more charismatic than the heroes, but as a whole it’s so unsophisticated and immature it makes Bad Boys look like The French Connection.



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