Thunderbolt And Lightfoot (1974)


Cocksure drifter Jeff Bridges forms a bond with ex-bank robber Clint Eastwood and they hatch a plot to rob an armoured depository.

One of Clint’s lesser known efforts, Thunderbolt And Lightfoot is a solid buddy-cum-heist movie with an unusually laid back tone. The cast of 1970’s stalwarts are all eminently watchable, particularly the relationship between wisecracking Bridges and brutal sociopath George Kennedy, with whom they form an uneasy alliance. There’s a lot of easy going comedy embellished with period Americana and a cast of characters that are quirky without trying too hard.

The film’s attitude toward women can be described as “quaint” at best and it’s not one for the action junkie, but it has a nice downbeat ending to counterpoint the comic tone of the rest of the film and it’s worth seeing for the redneck with a car boot full of rabbits alone!



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